• Equipped with VA (Vertical Alignment) LCD panels that offer a broader angle of view and better visibility. The 2-line display provides more information with animation effects.
  • You can mix the front panel illumination, separated into 2 zones. 50 preset patterns (49 colors + 1 user color preset) are available for easy customization. In addition, manual setting is possible to set each RGB color by 32 steps, providing a total of 32,768 different colors for each zone, 1 and 2, to match your preferences. You can even enjoy moving illumination, selectable from 10 color animation patters.
  • You can connect two phones full time via Bluetooth, with secure and simple pairing. Calls to either phone can be received by a push of a key on the head unit.
  • In addition to repeat and random playback of music files, you can also easily search for songs using the browsing function. Just look for and choose the song you want to hear from the folder name and song name lists.
  • K2 is a JVCKENWOOD’s original technology that reproduces the original master sound by expanding the bit rate and frequency range. K2 is compatible with all sources including CD. For example, K2 will expand the digital data of the audio CD recorded at 44.1kHz/16 bit to 48 kHz/24 bit, and recreate the high-frequency range above 20kHz that is cut during the CD formatting.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Spotify Control  Yes (via Bluetooth(R))

Pandora Control (Available in countries that support this service.) Yes (via Bluetooth(R))

iHeartRadio Control (Available in countries that support this service.)       Yes (via Bluetooth(R))

iPod/iPhone Control

iPod/iPhone Music Playback      Yes

Spotify Control  Yes (via USB or Bluetooth(R))

Pandora Control (Available in countries that support this service.) Yes (via USB or Bluetooth(R))

iHeartRadio Control (Available in countries that support this service.)       Yes (via USB or Bluetooth(R))


Position Front / Rear

USB Power Supply       Yes (1.5A)

Drive Change Mode for Mass Storage Class       Yes

Inputs and Outputs

AUX Input         1 (Front)

Line Output Terminals (Pair)       3 Pairs (Front + Rear + Subwoofer)

Pre-Output Level           5.0V

Subwoofer Output with Level/Frequency Control Yes (Level -50 - +10)

Subwoofer Output Level 5.0V


SiriusXM Ready Yes

Radio Data Broadcast System (RBDS)   Yes

Tuner Type      

Digital Processing Tuner            Yes

Preset Stations 18FM + 6AM

Strong Station Memory (for FM) Yes

Radio Timer       Yes (Once/Daily/Weekly)

Tuner Preset Memory (for power disconnection) Yes


Frequency Range          87.9 - 107.9MHz (200kHz)


Frequency Range          530 - 1,700kHz (10kHz)


Maximum Power Output 50W x 4 / 50W x 2 +Subwoofer (4 ohms) 50W x 1

Full Bandwidth Power (at less than 1%THD)        22W x 4

MOS-FET Amplifier       Yes

Subwoofer Direct Connection (Mono Lch)           Yes

EQ       Yes (13-Band Graphic EQ)

Preset EQ         Yes (11-Preset)

Bass Boost       Yes

Loudness Control          Yes (Off/Low/High)

High-Pass Filter/Low-Pass Filter Yes/Yes

K2 Technology  Yes

Time Alignment Yes

Space Enhancement      Yes

Sound Response           Yes

Sound Lift         Yes

Volume Link EQ            Yes

drvnEQ Yes


Back Up Memory           Yes

Detachable Face Panel  Yes

Steering Remote Control Ready Yes

Remote Control Application       Yes

Dimensions (W x H x D)

Installation Size 7-3/16" x 2-1/8" x 6-1/4" (182 x 53 x 158mm)

Weight  2.65 lbs. (1.2kg)

Unit weight in individual package            3.31 lbs. (1.5kg)

TV TypeNo
VESA MountingNo
TV SizeNo
Cable LengthN/A
Free ShippingYes

KD-R995BTS 1-Din CD Receiver Featuring BT/Front & Rear Dual USB/13-Band EQ

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