A subwoofer is often placed away from the equipment rack, requiring that you plug your receiver into one AC outlet while plugging your subwoofer into a different outlet. You will also need to connect an RCA cable to carry the audio signal from the receiver to the sub. This creates a wired path between the two AC outlets, allowing harmful electrical surges and spikes to travel back and forth.

Panamax' MD2-RCA offers a clever, convenient solution. It has a protected AC outlet to provide safe, clean power for your subwoofer, plus protected RCA inputs and outputs. Also included is a separate module with its own RCA inputs and outputs that is designed to be placed with your components — you connect the two units with an RCA patch cable. So now, the audio signal path between your receiver and subwoofer is protected. The RCA module should be grounded to the ground lug found on Panamax line conditioners.

Additional Information

Additional Information



Weight0.65 lb.
Dimensions3.25 in. W X 1.625 in. D X 5.25 in. H

AC Power

Voltage Protection Rating (UL 14 3rd Edition, 3,000A)L-N 400V, L-G 500V, N-G 400V
Thermal FusingYes
Single Pulse Energy Dissipation1350 Joules
Response Time<1 ns
Protection ModesL-N, L-G, N-G
Protect or Disconnect™ CircuitryYes
Peak Impulse Current60,000 A
Nominal Discharge Current3,000 A
Maximum Current Rating15A (1800 W)
Line Voltage120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Initial Clamping Level200V
EMI/RFI Noise Filtration50 dB (100 kHz - 1 MHz)
Catastrophic Surge CircuitYes

A/V Line-Level Specifications

ConnectorsRCA, Female
Clamping Level8V
Attenuation0.06dB from 10Hz-6MHz

Agency Approvals & Warranty

UL® 14 Rating330V
Product WarrantyLifetime
Lightning ProtectionYes
Connected Equipment Protection PolicyUp to $100,000
TV TypeNo
VESA MountingNo
TV SizeNo
Cable LengthNo
Free ShippingYes

MD2-RCA Surge Protector

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