Samsung HW-MS750 Electronics Sound+ Soundbar

  • Samsung HW-MS750 Electronics Sound+ Soundbar


Samsung HW-MS750 Electronics Sound+ Soundbar


The sound+ 7 Series soundbar offers rich, room-filling sound that's full of depth and dimension. With eleven built-in speakers and a seamless design, the one-piece sound+ 7 Series connects easily with your TV and brings your entire cinematic experience together like never before.

Soundstage Expansion

Your movies and music sound rich, full and realistic. Eleven speakers, including two that project sound upward, fill the room with sound and give your movies and music a greater sense of elevation

Multi-Speaker Control

Increases the power and depth of bass with control that precisely coordinates the movement of each speaker.

California Audio Lab

Sound was tuned at Samsung’s state of the art audio lab in Valencia, California. Home to a team of world class audio engineers with 300 years of combined experience, the facility features one of the world’s most advanced audio testing labs. From this cutting edge facility in the heart of the entertainment industry come audio products with perfectly balanced, room-filling sound.

Distortion Cancelling

Samsung’s proprietary technology delivers deep and detailed bass by predicting sound distortion and automatically tuning the speaker’s output before the distortion occurs.

One remote compatible

Spend less time switching between remote controls. Your 2017 Samsung tv remote now manages many of the soundbar’s home theater functions.

  • 11 Speakers including two upward

  • firing drivers

  • Soundstage Expansion technology

  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® Connectivity

  • Ultra High Quality (UHQ)

  • Audio Technology