SunbriteTV 3204ESTL 32" Marquee Series All-weather HDTV (Black)

  • SunbriteTV 3204ESTL 32" Marquee Series All-weather HDTV (Black)


SunbriteTV 3204ESTL 32" Marquee Series All-weather HDTV (Black)


The Marquee Series offers direct sunlight readable EST (Enhanced Solar Tolerance) technology. EST prevents isotropic blackout - those annoying dark spots over the screen when it faces the sun. Sun-friendly and water resistant, easy to install, hardy and strong, the DS-3204ESTL features a multi-fan airflow system - allowing the monitor to operate in temperatures up to 122 and -40 degrees F., powder-coated aluminum exterior for ultimate protection against rain, salt-air, snow and sun ... full-HD 1080p and two-year parts & labor warranty. Ships with a weatherproof remote control and SunBriteTV operator's manual.

Note: The 3204ESTL does not include a speaker. It requires a separate detachable, weatherproof speaker module - the SB-SP3246 (sold separately) - for crisp, high-quality sound.

Key Features:

  • 32” Marquee Series True Outdoor All-Weather Digital Signage Display.

  • DS-3204ESTL.

  • Landscape installation only, for portrait installation use DS-3204ESTP.

  • Direct Sunlight-Readable.

  • High temperature Enhanced Solar Tolerance (EST) tech prevents isotropic blackout.

  • Exterior designed to protect internal components from rain, dust, insects, humidity, and salt air.

  • Multi-fan airflow system keeps the unit cool & dry in temperatures up to 122 degrees F.

  • Ability to operate in cold weather (-40 degrees F).

  • Weatherproof speaker module not included. Must purchase detachable speaker SB-SP3246.

  • RS232 serial control with discrete on, off, and input control (located in cable-entry compartment).

  • Rear IR receiver (located in the cable-entry compartment).

  • Innovative water-tight Cable Entry System seals out moisture and allows for easy hook-ups.

  • Powder-coated aluminum exterior.

  • Weatherproof remote control.

  • Weatherproof control buttons.

  • Remote Button Lock-Out prevents unauthorized users from changing the programming.