Denon AH-C250 Music Maniac In-Ear Headphones (Black/Silver)

  • Denon AH-C250 Music Maniac In-Ear Headphones (Black/Silver)


Denon AH-C250 Music Maniac In-Ear Headphones (Black/Silver)


Denon’s Music Maniac™ AH-C250 In-Ear Headphones are highly machined and tuned to a flat EQ. Each in-ear housing features a single balanced armature
driver encased in zinc die-cast housing to deliver high performance sound from a small form factor. The Teflon coated, non-tangle cable includes an in-line remote
(for control of Apple iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad™) and microphone for clear phone conversations when you are on the go. Customize the fit with your choice of ear tips
included (Silicon: XS, S, M, L or Double Solid Silicon S, M, L). Further enhance your listening experience by downloading the Denon Audio app, available for Apple
iPhone, iPad, and Android® smartphones.

Denon Headphones Sound Like You, Fit Like You, Move Like You.
Denon’s line of Music Maniac headphones are designed with the audiophile in mind and feature a flat EQ curve, providing an experience that Sounds Like You, Fits Like You, and Moves Like You, so you can feel the music like never before.

Sounds Like You

  • Single Balanced Armature Drivers for high performance sound.

  • Tuned to a Flat EQ for acoustic transparency.

  • Zinc Diecast Housing for durability and performance

Fits Like you

  • Silicon and Double Solid Silicon Ear Tips for superior comfort, great fit and noise isolation.

Moves Like You

  • Cable with Integrated Remote and Microphone for on-the-go use.

  • Denon Audio Smartphone Application to enhance the listening experience.