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Astell Kern AK100 MKII Portable Hi-Fi System

  • Astell Kern AK100 MKII Portable Hi-Fi System

Astell Kern

Astell Kern AK100 MKII Portable Hi-Fi System


The Astell&Kern is the ultimate portable high-fidelity audio system capable of studio mastering quality sound (MQS) playback. Feel the phenomenal realism of Mastering Quality sound (MQS) high-definition lossless music through 24bit/192 kHz sound processing that cannot be heard through a standard CD.

What is MQS (Mastering Quality Sound)?

When comparing MQS to Compact discs, the MQS music files used during the mastering process in recording studios (24bit/192kHz) contains 6.5 times more information than a CD and results in a more original, precise and enhanced sound.

Meets the 5 criterial of Hi-Fi Audio

The Astell&Kern MQS (Mastering Quality Sound) Portable system meets the demanding criterial of Hi-Fi audio even from its small size and portability.

  • THD + Noise (Distortion) Lower the THD + Noise signal rate less distortion is heard. The Astell&Kern achieves a 0.0009% distortion signal rate.

  • SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) As the signal-to-noise ration increases, the clearer the sound becomes. The Astell&Kern signal to noise specification is 110dB

  • Crosstalk The higher then number in the crosstalk specification, the higher the isoluation in the L/R channel develops. The Astell*Kern has a crosstalk specification of 120dB.

  • Frequency Response The frequency response specification of +0.02 to - 0.02 in the Astell&Iern provides a clear degree of sound volume from Bass to Trebel

  • Jitter With smaller figures representing irregular tremor of the signal waveform, the better the device performs. The Astell&Kern has a jitter specification of 90PS.

Equipped with the Wolfson 8740 DAC

The Astell&Kern is the worlds first portable device equipped with the Wolfson WM8740 DAC. Users familiar with LINN, ARCAM and other high-end audio equipment (receivers) actually have been listening to the Wolfson WM8740 high-performance 24bit/192kHz Stereo DAC. With the worlds highest level of signal-to-noise ration (SNR) and the lowest level of harmonic distortion (THD) performance, the WM8740 has the reputation of producing the richest and warmest sound impressions. With the integrated WM8740 dac, the signal to noise ration of 110dB found in the Astell&Kern significantly improves sound quality.

Use the Astell&Kern with external optical DACs!

Can be used in combination or act as an external DAC via the Optical In/Out function.

Equipped with the worlds first Wolfson SM8740 DAC found in a portable device, use the optical In/Out function with an external DAC. Or connect to a laptop, PC, or a CD Player that supports an external optical DAC. Play CD's and sounds stormed in PC memory for significantly improvied sound quality with radiance and realism.

96GB of total memory

Equipped with Micro SD card slots and supports up to 96GB of total memory. To playback 24bit/192kHz files, it is essential for the Astell&Kern to have high-capacity storage memory. Store your high-definition MQS files and access them directly from the dual Micro SD card slots. With 24GB of built-in internal memory and the dual high-speed Micro SD card slots capable of supporting cards up to 32 GB (Micro SD cards sold separately), a total of 96GB worth of music files can be saved on the Astell&Kern.

A drawing equilizer controlled through the user's fingertips

Practical EQ to determine the chnage in frequency response.

With receiver and the AK100 MKII audio enthusiasts will appreciate even more various genres of music. Use the touch interface of the built-in 5-band equilizer to delicately find the tone you desire. In addition, the change in frequency response can be monitored through the graph implemented in the equilizer. touch the screen to adjust the value of each band and the changes to EQ can be confirmed through the graph.

UI with integrated touchscreen and control buttons

The control screen and touchscreen of the AK100 MKII ensures a fast and efficient operation. The synchronization of the 4-way user interface, 2.4 inch induction touchscreen, volume control wheel and control buttons embodies a user experience like no other. Designed for quick and easy serach of your tracks. In addition, with the dedicated hardware buttons and knobs, you can control the basic playback of tracks and volume cntrol.

The GUI of the AK100 MKII allows users to access their tracks fast and easy. Simple finger swap to customize equlizer, Astell&Kern will immediately apply the new EQ settings to all tracks.

Craftmanship of alunimum body

The usical richness of analog tubes and subtleties of melodies found in metals are expressed directly in the design. The overall experience crearted by the aluminum powers represents a deep and refined craftsmanship not found in other digital devices.

The subtle analog feel of the volume wheel

The AK100 MKII is a digital device with an analog ambiance. The hand inlaid hair strip pattern, rather than being finished by machines, represents and underlying energy like those found in ancient murals. the volume wheel also represents a feeling of analog musical inspirations that are not found on traditional push-button analog volume controls.