Aragon Iridium 400W Differential Monoblock Amplifier (Silver)

  • Aragon Iridium 400W Differential Monoblock Amplifier (Silver)


Aragon Iridium 400W Differential Monoblock Amplifier (Silver)


The ultimate in amplification from Aragon, the Iridium is their new flagship Differential Monoblock Amplifier. A natural evolution from its revered predecessor, the Palladium, two Iridiums form the heart of a serious 2-channel setup.

Inside and out, every detail has been precisely engineered to consistently deliver the ultimate in audio reproduction, year after year. The Iridium is a natural choice to ensure you can hear the best performance a high-quality loudspeaker can deliver.

Aragon doesn't stop at high performance audio however. Like all of our new models, the Iridium includes a state-of-the art network technology from Indy Audio Labs called E2C or "Enhanced Ethernet Control". E2C presents each Aragon unit as a device on the home network which can be controlled and monitored for convenience and reliability. With an Aragon E2C-enabled pre-amp as a companion, the complexity of highly capable audio separates starts to disappear.

While media standards may change every 6 months or so, Aragon owners can simply sit back, relax and enjoy years of trouble-free service from these highly coveted products

  • successor to the venerable Aragon Palladium monoblock

  • modern version of the "classic Aragon V" chassis design

  • ultra high-power, low-distortion, highest performance amplification

  • drives the most demanding loudspeaker loads with ease

  • left and right handed models

  • ethernet-based control and status monitoring

  • readily interfaces with popular home control solutions

  • software upgradeable

  • solild American engineering and construction