Cambridge GO v2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (White)

  • Cambridge GO v2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (White)


Cambridge GO v2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (White)


  • Room filling sound

  • 2x2 inch woofers

  • Unrivalled 18 hour battery life

  • 2 x titanium tweeters

  • AptX Bluetooth with Near Field Communication Pairing

  • Charges connected devices


Go’s room-filling sound is sure to shock and impress, with balanced treatment of the whole spectrum of sound thanks to:

  • Cambridge Audio's proprietary Digital Signal Processing technology which squeezes more detail out of digital music files

  • A highly efficient amp powering dual 2” drivers and two titanium tweeters for expert top and mid range performance

  • Its rear Auxiliary Bass Radiator, pumping out room filling bass


Cambridge Audio added Near Field Communication to the current Go, simply touch any NFC enabled device to the speaker for automatic pairing.

Almost every modern phone or tablet has Bluetooth compatibility, and can be paired with your Go in seconds, and for any other devices you can use the 3.5mm input for fast and easy playback.

Whether you’re streaming music, watching a film or playing a game, you’ll find a way to connect your device to the Go and hear your sound transformed! And each unit remembers up to 8 devices so you don’t have to mess about reconnecting each time.


From one charge the Go will play your music for 18 hours – long after the party’s wound down. And if your phone or tablet can’t keep up, connect it via the USB socket for on-the-Go charging.


Leave behind the tiny, tinny sound of your digital devices – you’ll want to hear everything through the Go from now on. For the full audio experience the Go is AptX ready, allowing you to stream in full detail from AptX Bluetooth devices.