Denon DA-300USB High Definition Audio USB-B DAC and AH-D600 Headphones Bundle

  • Denon DA-300USB High Definition Audio USB-B DAC and AH-D600 Headphones Bundle


Denon DA-300USB High Definition Audio USB-B DAC and AH-D600 Headphones Bundle



Simply connecting the minimalist styled DAC via USB-B providesincredible quality computer-audio – with headphones or poweredspeakers – for computer stored music files or streaming audioover the internet. Alternatively, the DA-300USB is a major hi-fi upgrade;enabling audiophile playback of computer music libraries
and streaming audio (from any PC or Mac) via your hi-fi, at thesame time dramatically improving the sound quality of other digitalaudio devices, like media players, CD and DVD players, TV’s and set top boxes, Apple TV, and games consoles, by connectingthem to the additional coaxial and optical digital inputs.

The DA-300USB features universal digital fi le format support for PCM and DSD (the native fi le format for SACD) digital audio signalson the USB-B input, for bit-transparent, asynchronous playback ofdigital music fi les and streaming audio from connected PCs, andPCM signals, up to 24 bit, 192 kHz, via the SPDIF and optical digitalinputs. Denon Advanced AL32 Processing and High-Precision32 bit, 192 kHz digital to analogue conversion feeds the line leveloutputs for connection to a hi-fi amplifi er or desktop speaker systemand an integrated headphone amplifier that drives all types ofheadphones and in-ears, for exceptional listening quality.

Universal audiophile playback of digital music files and streaming audio

The USB-B input enables computer stored music files or streaming audio from internet music, video and film services to be processed and played via the DA-300USB for the highest possible sound quality. The computer recognises the DA-300USB as an external soundcard, completely bypassing its own lower quality
audio electronics. Any digital audio format that can be played from the computer’s own media player can be processed by the DA-300USB – including MP3/MP4, AAC, ALAC, WAV and FLAC HD (up to 24 bit, 192 kHz) and DSD (in 2.8 and 5.6 resolution). Transmission of the digital audio stream from the computer to
the DA-300USB is in bit-transparent, asynchronous mode, to ensure a bit-perfect datastream for high definition Advanced AL32 Processing and High- Precision 32 bit, 192 kHz digital to analogue conversion.

Additional digital audio inputs

Three additional digital audio inputs – one coaxial and two optical –allow the DA-300USB’s advanced audiophile circuitry to connectto and provide vastly improved sound reproduction for other digital audio devices, like media players, CD and DVD players,TV’s and DVB set top boxes, Apple TV, and games consoles. The
coaxial and optical digital inputs support PCM input signals up to 24 bit, 192 kHz.

High definition signal processing and D to A conversion

Denon’s Advanced AL32 Processing and High-Precision 32 bit,192 kHz digital to analogue conversion delivers audio quality farin advance of usual high definition, wide bandwidth conversion techniques. Just as advanced Blu-ray players can deliver full HDvideo from standard definition DVD, the Advanced AL32 processor
up-converts and up-samples all input signals to a 32 bit, 192 kHz high definition datastream, which is interpolated, usinga highly advanced proprietary algorithm, to provide a full scale,accurate reproduction of the original sound recording. The Advanced AL32 processor is matched with an High-Precision 32 bit,192 kHz D to A conversion (DAC) circuit to fully exploit the Advanced AL32 high definition processing. Quantization noise, inherent in standard resolution digital audio conversion, is rendered inaudible and digital processing and filtering artifacts are moved far beyond the range of human hearing, so as to reproduce the purist, highest possible quality analogue output signal.

DAC Master Clock design

A master clock design of exceptionally accuracy been placed immediately next to the DAC circuit, to provide the greatest accuracy in the D to A signal conversion and reduce to the absolute minimum timing anomalies in the conversion process – known as jitter – that are a significant source of distortion. The design features a low jitter oscillator to generate the clock signals. Two crystals – at 44.1 and 48 kHz – are incorporated, to generate the most accurate clock for incoming signals of any sample frequency (incoming signal sample frequencies being a multiple of one or other of the crystals – e.g. 192 kHz = 4 x 48 kHz; 88.2 kHz x44.1 kHz). The effect is to ensure reproduction of a fully realistic and transparent stereo sound stage, with accurate localization of instruments and performers.

Principal Features

  • High definition DAC with 1 x USB-B, 1 x coaxial and 2 x optical digital inputs

  • Universal bit-transparent, asynchronous playback of digital audio file formats and streaming audio from PCs via USB-B; up to 24 bit, 192 kHz and DSD2.8 and DSD5.6 native support by DoP (DSD over PCM)

  • 3x SPDIF (coaxial/optical) inputs for upgrading sound from other digital audio devices (up to 24 bit, 192 kHz) with the DA-300USB’s advanced high definition signal processing

  • Audiophile analogue signal (line level) output and headphone amplifier stage, for connection to hi-fi amplifier or desktop speaker system and superb listening with all kinds ofheadphones or in ears

Denon State-Of The Art Technologies for Highest Possible Sound Quality

  • High quality audio components for rich, open, detailed sound

  • Denon Advanced AL32 Processing and High-Precision 32 bit,192 kHz digital to analogue conversion for exceptional high definition audio quality

  • DAC master clock design for distortion free, fully transparent sound stage

  • Independent master clock crystals (44.1kHz and 48kHz) accurately clock incoming signals at any sample frequency

  • Noise isolating circuit design prevents distortion via USB connection from computer generated digital noise; ensures fully transparent and spatially accurate sound stage

  • Audiophile analogue output stage matched to fully exploit high definition 32 bit, 192 kHz D to A signal conversion for the same astounding sound quality as Denon’s top of therange CD / SACD player


  • Simple plug-and-play operation for connection to PCs andother devices with digital audio outputs

  • Front panel touch input selector switch and headphone volume control

  • High resolution OLED display shows selected input signal and headphone volume, and rotates automatically with horizontal or vertical positioning of the unit

  • Attractive minimalist design with alternative horizontal or vertical positioning for integration with desktop or hi-fi systems

AH-D600 Music Maniac Headphones

Detachable cable connections on R&L earcups allow you to choose from one of the two cables included, or to make your own custom cable if you prefer. Denon’s patent-pending pentagonally-shaped memory foam earpads and adjustable headband provide superior comfort, while our ball & socket ear cup design allows for 360-degree articulation for a perfect fit. Further enhance your listening experience by downloading the Denon Audio app, available for Apple® iPhone®, Apple iPad™, and Android® devices.


Denon’s 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber Driver provides the performance of a box loudspeaker.
Tuned to a Flat EQ for Acoustic Transparency.
Detachable Cable Connections
(R&L) so you can use different cables for in home listening or on-the-go use (included); even make your own custom cable if you so choose.


Denon’s Patent-pending Pentagonally-shaped, Memory Foam Ear Pads and Adjustable Headband for superior comfort and great fit.
Denon’s Ball & Socket Ear Cup Design provides 360-degree articulation for a custom fit.


One obsessively long 10 foot OFC cable with 1/4” connector

One 3 foot long cable with inline remote and microphone for on-the-go use.

Denon Audio Smartphone Application to enhance the listening experience.