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Demand Series D11 High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers - Pair (Black)

  • Demand Series D11 High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers - Pair (Black)
  • Demand Series D11 High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers - Pair (Black)
  • Demand Series D11 High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers - Pair (Black)
  • Demand Series D11 High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers - Pair (Black)

D11 Large Bookshelf Speakers

Top-Shelf Performance

Full-range, room-filling sound and precise imaging. These are the true audiophile’s bookshelf loudspeaker of choice.

Audiophile Performance

Everything in Its Proper Place

Featuring unique technologies such as our Balanced Double Surround System™, linear response waveguide, and laterally offset tweeter assembly, the D11 Large Bookshelf Speakers deliver remarkably smooth, detailed top-shelf audio for true audiophiles.

  • Audiophile Performance
  • Meticulous Masterful...

Aluminum Dome Tweeter
for clear, precise highs

The D11 couples a laterally offset 1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter with our 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens™. We offset the tweeters by 5°, minimizing wave cancellations off the front baffle to deliver a more precise center stereo image and ensure clear, detailed high-frequency performance.

Exclusive BDSS™

The D11’s 6.5” patented Balanced Double Surround System™ (BDSS) woofer provides greater excursion and output for superior midrange detail and punchier bass compared with other drivers of similar size.

Integrated Bass Radiator
for superior low-end extension

The D11 produces superior low-end extension with an integrated 6” x 10” passive bass radiator. Plus, the addition of a larger spider to the radiator reduces rocking and delivers cleaner, tighter bass response.

Audiophile-Quality Crossovers
for beautifully balanced audio

Demand Series crossovers are built with the latest premium audiophile-quality parts, including polypropylene metal-film capacitors and air-core inductors. These high-end components meticulously manage frequencies for clean and crystalline treble, refined and articulate midrange, and linear, low-distortion bass. This ensures that every detail comes through within a clear, balanced presentation that never sacrifices power.

Linear Response Waveguide™
all natural, totally precise

Our patented Linear Response Waveguide™ extends both on-axis and off-axis frequency dispersion for more natural midrange timbre and precise imaging.

Meticulous Masterful Sound

Flawless Home Theater Audio

True audiophiles are obsessive about all sound, not just their music. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the D11 also flawlessly reproduces home theater audio.

Artistry to the
eye and ear

Extruded aluminum front baffles capture a clean, modern aesthetic with a bead-blasted finish for a timeless look and feel to fit any décor.

Each speaker is meticulously sanded and painted with five layers of premium gloss paint, then buffed to a near-mirror finish.

Definitive Technology

Demand Series D11 High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers - Pair (Black)



Definitive Technology Demand D11 high-performance bookshelf speakers deliver full-range, room-filling sound and precise imaging in a modern, elegant styling. Featuring technology advancements to both our aluminum dome tweeter and midrange/woofer sections, each speaker delivers an unrivaled sweet spot, smoother high-frequency reproduction, and three-dimensional imaging for the most technically-advanced, premium bookshelf listening experience.



Total Pieces2
Included Accessories• (2) Acoustically transparent magnetic black speaker grilles
Optional Accessories• (1) ST1 Demand Series Speaker Stands (Pair) - Sold Separately
Cabinet Warranty5 years
Drivers Warranty5 years
Original Purchaser OnlyYes
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High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers

Qty IncludedPair
Height13" (33.02 cm)
Width7.25" (18.42 cm)
Depth12.5" (31.75 cm)
Driver Enclosure TypeMDF cabinet with extruded natural bead-blasted aluminum front baffle
Driver Complement• (1) 6.5" (16.51 cm) d (Round) Polypropylene BDSS Bass - Mid/Woofer
• (1) 1" (2.54 cm) d (Round) Annealed Aluminum Dome and Laterally Offset - Tweeter
• (1) 6" (15.24 cm) h x 10" (25.4 cm) w (Oval) Passive - Bass Radiator
Total Frequency Response44 Hz → 24,000 Hz
Nominal ImpedanceCompatible with 8 ohm outputs
Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter)90 dB
Lower and Upper -3dB Limits61 Hz → 22,000 Hz
Mounting Type1/4 in - 20 Threaded Insert
Available OrientationsVertical
Mounting LocationBottom of Speakers
Mounting Type
Available OrientationsVertical
Audio Inputs
Speaker Inputs(1) (Set) 5-Way Binding Posts - Gold-Plated
Recommended Amplifier Power Per Channel20 watts → 200 watts
AV Receiver Crossover SettingsSmall (60 Hz)

Superior Midrange
and Tight Bass

Balanced Double Surround System
and Integrated Passive Bass Radiator


Linear Response Waveguide™


Laterally Offset Tweeter Assembly