Denon AH-D400 Urban Raver Over-Ear Headphones

  • Denon AH-D400 Urban Raver Over-Ear Headphones


Denon AH-D400 Urban Raver Over-Ear Headphones


Featuring a 50mm driver, an integrated power amplifier and accentuated bass tuning, Urban Raver headphones will rock your socks off. A rechargeable battery provides 12 hours of pulse pounding listening enjoyment. But don’t worry – should the battery run out of power, you can still listen to music in passive mode. Want to be noticed while you’re DJ’ing or walking about town? Activate the Blue LED light on Denon’s patent-pending control wheel. Denon’s control wheel allows for easy control of Apple® iPod®, iPhone® and iPad™, and easy adjustment of the LED illumination (On/Off/Brightness). These headphones also feature an integrated microphone on the ear cup for clear phone conversations. Denon’s patent-pending pentagonally-shaped memory foam ear pads, adjustable headband, and 2-Axis ear cup design (for 360-degree articulation) provide a perfect fit and maximum comfort for long listening periods. Further enhance your listening experience by downloading the Denon Club app, available for Apple® iPhone®, Apple iPad™, and Android® devices.

Denon headphones Sound Like You, Fit Like You, Move Like You

Denon Headphones are engineered from the ground up to provide the best-in-class personal listening experience for
your lifestyle. Denon’s line of Urban Raver headphones are designed for trendy music enthusiasts that like an accentuated bass curve, providing an experience that Sounds Like You™, fits like you and moves like you, so you can feel the music like never before.


50mm Driver & Integrated Amplifier for explosive sound and booming bass.
Rechargeable Battery provides 12 hours of listeningenjoyment. When the battery runs out, you can still listen to music in passive mode.


Denon’s Patent-pending Pentagonally-shaped, Memory-foam Ear Pads provide superior comfort. Two-axis Ear Cup Articulation for 360° articulation.


Denon’s Patent-pending Control Wheel for control of iPod®, iPhone® and iPad™

Accessories Include:
Carrying case with Karabiner, Audio Cable, Micro-USB cable, 1/4” Gold-plated adapter.