Denon DHT-S514 Home Theater Sound Bar with HDMI, Bluetooth and Wireless Sub

  • Denon DHT-S514 Home Theater Sound Bar with HDMI, Bluetooth and Wireless Sub


Denon DHT-S514 Home Theater Sound Bar with HDMI, Bluetooth and Wireless Sub


Denon’s DHT-S514 home theater soundbar speaker system will envelop you in rich, room-filling sound. Simple to set up and easy to use, the DHT-S514 transforms any TV into a home entertainment system, delivering truly wide range response including deep bass from the wireless subwoofer and clear mids and detailed highs from the multi-driver high fidelity soundbar. Simply connect it to your television and enjoy powerful, dynamic audio from your favorite TV shows, movies, games and music. It’s also equipped with aptX Bluetooth, which provides CD-quality audio streaming from your Bluetooth-equipped portable audio device, smartphone and tablet.

High Performance Sound

Featuring 175 watts of total system power, the DHT-S514 soundbar and wireless subwoofer together deliver true high fidelity sound with any TV for an enthralling listening experience. As today’s flat panel TVs get thinner and thinner, so does their sound quality, and the DHT-S514 features a host of high performance components to deliver rich, enveloping wide range sound. The soundbar features dual 2”x5” precision drivers that reproduce the upper bass and midrange audio, delivering clear audio especially in the vocal range. There are also dual ½” dome tweeters that reproduce the entire treble range, with response extending to 20 kHz.The matching wireless subwoofer features dual 5¼” woofers that work in tandem to deliver the authoritative deep bass found in today’s movie and music soundtracks for distortion-free bass at any listening level. The compact subwoofer can be placed horizontally or vertically for the widest range of installation options.Both the soundbar and the subwoofer feature advanced digital audio amplification that delivers crystal clear sound along with wide dynamic range, as well as providing high energy efficiency and operational stability for long life.

Simple TV Connectivity

Connection of the DHT-S514 to a TV is with the included HDMI cable. HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel)functionality also enables sound from other audio-video devices connected with HDMI to the TV to be played via the DHT-S514; as well as audio from integrated DVB (satellite or cable) or digital terrestrial TV tuners. If a TV does not support HDMI ARC, connection via the optical or coaxial digital input enables sound from the TV and other audio sources connected to or integrated within it, to play through the DHT-S514.

Bluetooth Wireless Streaming

The Bluetooth wireless input enables audio to be streamed from compatible Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers (with Bluetooth A2DP capability).

Multiple Digital and Analogue Inputs

A wide range of connectivity options, including optical and coaxial digital and analogue inputs, allows older model TVs and set top boxes, as well as DVD / CD players and other portable music players, to be connected to the DHT-S514.

Dolby Digital and DTS Decoding

Denon Virtual Surround mode delivers home cinema surround sound simulation with Dolby Digital and DTS decoding from Blu-ray, DVD, DVB and other surround encoded media. Advanced psychoacoustic algorithms realistically simulate a multi-channel home theater surround sound speaker system.

Selectable Listening Modes & Night Mode

As well as Virtual Surround mode, three selectable custom sound modes enhance playback of Movie soundtracks or Music content. Dialogue mode delivers clear hi-fidelity sound with no acoustic enhancements. Additionally, Night Mode lets you enjoy hi-fidelity sound without sudden high jumps in volume, so you can watch TV
late into the night without disturbing other household members.