Onkyo ES-CTI300 On-Ear Headphones with Control-Talk (Black)

  • Onkyo ES-CTI300 On-Ear Headphones with Control-Talk (Black)


Onkyo ES-CTI300 On-Ear Headphones with Control-Talk (Black)


Escape into your own private universe with Onkyo’s ES-CTI300 headphones and still be free to take calls instantly. These headphones combine precision hi-fi technology from the world’s premier audio brand with an iOS-Certified 6N copper cable designed to control media playback and accept or reject calls from compatible Apple devices. Large titanium drivers reproduce an exceptionally wide dynamic range, resolving hidden details and creating a spacious atmosphere for your music to inhabit. A true music-lover’s headphone, they feel solid and substantial yet are compact enough for life on the road, with flat-folding aluminum ear-cups making them easier to stow in your bag. And they look fantastic, with a premium fit and finish w orthy of our reference hi-fi components. If you’re serious about sound quality,
and are looking for a headphone that will smoothly integrate with your Apple device, take a closer look at the ES-CTI300.

Seamless Control of Apple Devices

From the 160 GB iPod classic® favored by committed music collectors to the endless entertainment possibilities of iPhone® and iPad®, you’ll find it easier to cue and control your media with the IE-CTI300. Inline controls work with all Apple devices to make on-the-fly adjustments easier. If a call comes in, just tap a button on the control.Your music will mute automatically and you can start talking straight away, with your caller’s voice coming clean and clear through the earphones.

Deep, Powerful Bass

Bass is crucial for a well-rounded and exciting headphone sound.You want to be able to experience everything from the explosive punch of a bass drum to the subtle timbres of an upright bass but not have those low frequencies swamp the rest of the sound. It wasn’t easy, but our unique combination of high-volume reflex sub-chambers, non-resonant driver housings, and wide-range titanium drivers (and countless hours we spent in the tuning lab) has resulted in immensely satisfying low-frequency performance.

Comfortable for Long Listening Sessions

Soft leatherette earpads seal against ambient noise and minimize sound leakage.

Combined with a padded, adjustable headband, Onkyo on-ear headphones are comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Keep it rocking.

Premium Fit and Finish

Examine the back of the driver housing and you’ll see a finely etched spiral pattern that catches and reflects the light quite beautifully. This spin-marking process really sets off the lustrous silver or black finish, while details such as gold-plated MMCX connectors and reinforced stereo plug reveal the ES-CTI300 as a product built to last.

Detachable Copper Cable with Inline Controls

To strike a balance between sound quality and convenience, your included cable features an oxygen-free 6N copper core that provides close to perfect conductivity, which equals super-clean sound. Encased in a transparent elastomer coating to minimize touch noise, this audiophile-grade cable incorporates an iOS-Certified inline control with mic, allowing users of Apple devices to skip tracks, adjust the volume, and take or reject phone calls at the touch of a button. Gold-plated MMCX connectors , meanwhile, are detachable and let you swap out the cable if you’re unlucky enough to damage it.

Note: Some smartphone cases including Apple iPhone 5s/5c cases may prevent a proper cable connection.

Well-Defined, Clear Sound

Delivering performance more akin to a small pair of speakers, these 40 mm (1 9/16") titanium drivers are precisely tuned to illuminate details in the mix while maintaining a natural and spacious presentation.The drivers are particularly talented in the mid-range, reproducing vocals with stunning realism and clarity.Voiced for neutrality and boasting a relatively flat frequency response curve, these drivers were designed by the best in the business to provide a more dynamic and engaging listening experience.

Solidly Built for Portability

The aluminum ear-cups aren’t just for looks— the material is highly rigid, taming the resonances that can lead to distortion. Because aluminum is so strong, the driver enclosure walls can be made thinner, increasing internal volume and producing deeper bass. The MMCX connector housings and hanger arms are also fabricated in aluminum to withstand rough treatment. These headphones have the look and feel of high quality, with the substance of cool, distinctive style.

Carrying case included.