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Mass Fidelity Relay HiFi Bluetooth Receiver

  • Mass Fidelity Relay HiFi Bluetooth Receiver

Mass Fidelity

Mass Fidelity Relay HiFi Bluetooth Receiver


Bridging Hi-Fi and digital

The Relay Hi-Fi wireless receiver connects all your Bluetooth® smart devices to your existing stereo setup so you can sit back and use your device as the controller. Enjoy all your digital music on your favourite sound system whether it's stored on your device or streaming from the cloud without having to switch sources.

Welcome to the party!

The Relay is enriched with Mass Fidelity’s wireless Party Pairing™ technology bringing the social element back to Hi-Fi by allowing everyone at the party to take turns being the DJ! It’s a global jukebox only limited by the amount of music you and your friends can tap into from both stored music files or streaming services.

The perfect sound

The Relay's output stage is accessible via gold plated RCA phono style connectors. The Relay uses a professional grade Burr Brown 24 bit Digital to Analog Converter to deliver a solid 2 Volts RMS output power to your analog Hi-Fi system.

Grounding Scheme

The Relay uses 3 separate ground domains; one for digital signals, one for analog signals, and one for radio frequency signals. Each is designed to be as 'solid' as possible. A bulk decoupling capacitor is used to remove any potential ground loops. Grid-viaing between ground layers in each ground domain, and star grounding of the three domains ensure excellent ground integrity.

Internal low-noise power supply

Linear low noise, Low-dropout Regulators and common mode input noise filtering on power supply have been implemented to improve rejection of unwanted signal noise and interference from the outside world.

System Clocking

A slew rate limited clock source is utilized to improve rejection of unwanted transient noise that would otherwise distort the audio signal thereby lowering the systems overall noise floor. An ultra stable phase locked audio sample clock is used to reduce jitter allowing the DAC render the audio signal more faithfully.

Analog output

The Relay's output stage uses a professional grade Burr Brown Digital to Analog Converter which has the following characteristics:

24 bit Digital to Analog conversion
Signal to noise ratio: 112dB
Dynamic Range: 112dB
Total harmonic distortion: -93dB
Interpolation filter stop band gain: -60dB
Pass band flatness: +/-0.02dB
DC coupled output stage
2Vrms power output

Wireless Performance

The Relay combines an ultra low loss SMA connector for increased range and signal stability with an external antenna for increased standing wave ratio efficiency.

High efficiency antenna characteristics:

80% average efficiency
Maximum VSWR 1.6:1
Peak gain 2.2dBi


The Relay's enclosure is hewn from solid aerospace grade aluminum billet, it is the result of an elaborate manufacturing process beginning from raw materials at the smelter and ending with precision machinery executing the final surface treatments resulting in a housing for the electronics that is both functional and beautiful.

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