Sunfire CRM-2 BIP Cinema Ribbon Bi-Pole Surround - Each (White Lacquer)

  • Sunfire CRM-2 BIP Cinema Ribbon Bi-Pole Surround - Each (White Lacquer)

A Traditional Amp... 

has a power supply rail that’s parked way up high. The current required by the amp to produce the audio signal varies under that power supply rail, sometimes way below it. The difference between the instantaneous value of the current and the power supply rail has to go somewhere, so it gets converted into heat—and often a great deal of heat at that. 

Sunfire engineers took an unconventional approach to power supply design and in the process substantially reduced the wasted current and excess heat.

CRM2BIPW Features at a Glance


  • Tweeter: Dual 6" Cinema Ribbons
  • Woofer: Single 4.5"
  • Configuration: 2-Way
  • High Back-emf Design
  • Intelligent Tweeter Shaping
  • Enclosure Type: Sealed


  • Binding Posts: Gold Plated, Spring


  • Finish: White Lacquer
  • Grille: Black Cloth
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Sunfire CRM-2 BIP Cinema Ribbon Bi-Pole Surround - Each (White Lacquer)

Same Bark...More Bite Since their introduction, the Cinema Ribbon line has forever changed the notion that small boxes can’t deliver the luxury of premium, audiophile sound. Now, this already legendary XT Series line gets an important addition that also makes it more versatile than ever before. First, it’s a purpose-built, on-wall surround speaker that’s a perfect timbre match to any model in the existing Cinema Ribbon line. It’s also the only bi-pole speaker on the market to feature the benefits of dual, side-firing ribbons. At 400 watts per cabinet, the deliberate location of each pair of these high output ribbons create the wide “diffused” rear sound stage so important for today’s soundtracks and multi-channel music. This fact is made more remarkable when you consider the CRM-2BIP’s ultra-slim 3-5/8” deep profile. It’s one of the lowest profile on-wall surround speakers of any type; as much as 50% slimmer than any comparable speaker. Add to all this a beautiful, piano-like finish,


  • Family Cinema Ribbon

Shipping Info

  • Length 15.25 (Inches)
  • Width 7.5 (Inches)
  • Height 1.75 (Inches)
  • Weight 9.35 (Lbs)
  • Unit of Measure Each
  • UPC: 844039007988
  • Master Pack Qty 2

Other Specifications

  • Frequency Response 80 Hz-40 k Hz
  • Power Handling 25-400 W
  • Impedence 6 ohm  (nominal)
  • Sensitivity 90 dB
  • SPL (max) 117 dB
  • Size (H x W x D)8.25" x 12.18" x 3.625"
  • Net Weight 8 lbs