A soundmatters Exclusive

foxL DASH 7 defies conventional wisdom about sound - nest it below your tablet for movies. For serious listening its included case turns into an angling stand. Wherever, whenever -DASH 7 turns your tablet, phone or laptop into a personal amphitheater

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A Definitive Technology Exclusive

The SoloCinema Studio offers shallow depth for today’s ultra-thin TVs, a sleek, minimalist appearance, an exquisite attention to fit and finish and of course exhilarating sound. But just when you think you’ve hear it all, the Studio offers an additional audio feature and even more ease and convenience when it comes to setup. The Studio’s sound bar, powerful wireless subwoofer, and ergonomic remote deliver an immersive 5.1 channel listening experience.

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Our mission statement is to provide the absolute best customer experience available in the Audio/Video industry without exception. We choose to only sell the best performing products in the world and learn them inside and out to ensure your experience with us and the products we supply is second to none. HIDEF Lifestyle has been one of the fastest growing Audio and Video retailers in the United States for years all because of our passion for our products and our customers. We care like no one else.

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